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Payment with smartphone

The Evolution of Payments

The Evolution of Payments The Strategic nature of Payments Payments play a vital role in customer-brand interaction. It completes a transaction and is a marker for successful customer conversion. Despite its vital role, payment is often overlooked by brand marketers as a customer touchpoint. With technological improvements affecting how people make purchases and conduct basic …

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African Freelancer Guy In Traditional Costume Sitting At Desk At Home Office

Registration of NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora: The Importance.

Registration of NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora: The Importance. The world over, various countries worldwide have identity numbers used in tracking their citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents. These numbers serve various purposes such as work, taxation, government benefits, and health care, among other things. Various countries have the way and manner in which they …

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Identity Verification

Benefits of Identity Verification

Importance of Identity Verification Identity verification has become important in our ever-changing world. It is important for a number of reasons, such as compliance with government regulations, security and fraud, among other things. Identity verification is an important process that ensures that someone’s identity tallies with the one it is supposed to. Identity verification is …

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NIN enrolment for Nigerians in London

NIN Enrolment With Simplify-ID

The National Identity Management Commission (“NIMC“) regulates national identity in Nigeria. All Nigerian citizens at home and abroad are now required to obtain a National Identification Number (“NIN”) which will be used for identity verification henceforth. NIMC has granted Simplify-ID the license to provide data capture and NIN enrolment services to Nigerian citizens in diaspora. …

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