Today’s remittance methods are evolving. Simplify’s global remittance and payments network is built to be highly adaptable with modern technologies. This allows for substantially shorter transfer timeframes with incredibly affordable prices. We make it easy for millions of people around the world to send and receive remittances to their home country, providing an integrated and seamless experience from start to finish.

Our goal is to make money transfer simple and inexpensive with our user-friendly mobile and web apps, thereby facilitating easy usage even for customers who may not be tech-savvy. We are working with some of the world’s most reputable financial institutions to accomplish this aim. Through strategic alliances, we provide more value to consumers who are looking for a safe and easy way to send money overseas to family members and loved ones.

Global Remittances Made Easy

ZeusRemit is designed to be highly adaptable to current technologies that enable significantly reduced transfer times and highly competitive rates.

send Money to Your
home country Easily

Be there for your loved ones from anywhere in the world. We ensure an optimised and seamless experience from start to finish.


You can now send money abroad without hitches. We provide dependable remittance solutions that are built with a seamless user experience in mind. We are here to provide simple overseas transfer opportunities, easy connectivity, and a reliable platform to our clients. You can trust us to create safe transaction portals for you worldwide.

Detailed Tracking

ZeusRemit ensures that you rest easy while sending money overseas. You can track real-time statuses of your remittances, 24/7 from the platform and check the history of your transactions to see payments you have made over designated periods. This gives you full visibility and control of your transfers and keeps you informed per time, facilitating transactional management for both sender and the recipient.

Simple and Secure

Making remittances with our mobile money transfer apps is quick and straightforward. The apps are user-friendly, facilitating easy usage even for customers who are not tech-savvy. They also offer the in-app security you may not get when you complete your transfers from external websites. We offer, amongst other authentication measures, PIN security. You can also choose other methods of securing your account on the apps for added peace of mind and to guard against unauthorised access.

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