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Registration of NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora: The Importance.

Registration of NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora: The Importance.

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The world over, various countries worldwide have identity numbers used in tracking their citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents. These numbers serve various purposes such as work, taxation, government benefits, and health care, among other things. Various countries have the way and manner in which they churn out and implement these identity numbers. For instance, the USA developed Social Security (SSN) as a means of disbursing social benefits. In Canada, it is the social insurance number that is used majorly for tax purposes.


In Nigeria, it is the National Identification Number (NIN) that is used. It comprises a set of eleven numbers that is assigned to the owner of the identity number. It is assigned to Nigerians both home and abroad from age 0 and above.


In the current day, registration of NIN for Nigerians in the Diaspora has become imperative. You’re wondering what a Nigerian in the Diaspora needs the NIN for, right? We have outlined a few reasons why Nigerians in Diaspora need to register for NIN.


Importance of Registration of NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora

The National Identity Management Commission has licensed some companies to enroll Nigerians in Diaspora for the NIN and SimplifySynergy is one of the licensed companies authorised to provide an end-to-end enrollment and subsequent issuance of the NIN. Afterward, the data gathered will be integrated into the Country’s National Database.

Below are some of the benefits of enrolling:

  1. Government Social Services.

Registration of NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora is vital for them. For instance, the  Nigerian government is saddled with the responsibility of protecting Nigerians against attacks. This can only be done efficiently if the Nigerians are registered under the NIN.

  1. Voters Card Registration, Issuance.

Nigerians in Diaspora can now register for voters card due to the NIN registration. After registering for the voter’s card, they are then issued the voter’s card. This enables Nigerians in Diaspora to exercise their voting rights


  1. Renewal of International Passport.

Via registering for the NIN, Nigerians in Diaspora can renew their expired international passports.

  1. Bank Account Opening and Reactivations.

With the NIN, Nigerians in Diaspora can open bank accounts and reactivate their bank accounts.

  1. Consular Services at Nigerian Embassies and Missions abroad.

Registering of NIN for Nigerians makes them entitled to consular services at Nigerian Embassies and Missions abroad.


Requirements to getting NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora 

image of the best NIN outfit to register with

A Nigerian in Diaspora that wants to Register for the NIN must fulfill the requirements. They must:


  • Fill their pre-enrollment application on NIMC’s website at Diaspora-NIMC-LoginForm
  • Ensure you have one of the following documents;
    a) Nigerian Birth Certificate
    b) Valid Nigerian International Passport
    c) Authentication letter from the Nigerian Embassy/Mission in your country of residence where you do not have a Nigerian Passport
  • Schedule an appointment in our Covent Garden office (8 minutes from The Nigerian High Commission in London)

Kindly note that Bank Verification Number (BVN) applicants should have their number available when they attend their appointment.


Registration of NIN for Nigerians in Diaspora is important for a myriad of reasons. You are advised to enroll for yours today with the most trusted company; simplifysynergy

Join the Simplify Synergy NIN Registration waitlist today for your NIN enrolment in London

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