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Simplify Synergy is a FinTech company designed to be your go-to solution one-stop platform for everything remittance, identity verification, company dashboards and B2C payment solutions.

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Simplify Synergy offers financial solutions to individuals, businesses and government entities. For individuals in the diaspora, we make it easy to send money back home to your family and loved ones. For businesses with international presence, we provide a simple way to accept payments from your clients and to see your critical transactional information at a glance through our dashboards to aid your business intelligence needs. We also verify identities of people at the other end of online interactions for governments and businesses towards fraud and identity theft prevention.

"I have used just simplify occasionally over a couple of years, and the system works well. When I made an error, the help desk sorted the problem over the phone instantly. I would recommend them."
- David Andrew

Fueled by our passion for people and technology

We shrink international borders to global villages by leveraging new and emerging technologies to develop financial applications that can be used by anyone, anywhere around the globe.

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Simplify Synergy strives for sustainable innovation. By developing constantly innovative solutions and providing excellent customer service, we will set you up with optimal financial tools you can work with more efficiently.

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Our products are solution-focused, with a priority on simplicity. We provide our clients with robust applications that optimise remittance, identity verification, company dashboards and payment solutions.

Simplify Dashboard

Businessman using fingerprint indentification to access personal financial data. Idea for E-kyc (electronic know your customer), biometrics security, innovation technology against digital cyber crime




Application of Smartphone with business graph and analytics data on isometric mobile phone. Analysis trends and software development coding process concept. Programming, testing cross platform code

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Simplify Synergy is a transformative FinTech company that provides innovative and revolutionary technology solutions to our clients.


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We are led by a team of experts bringing over 25 years’ cumulative experience with deep roots in technology, financial management, and user experience to the table. Collaborating to developing cutting-edge innovations, our people bring creativity, honesty, dedication, and respect to work every day.

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