NIN enrolment for Nigerians in London

NIN Enrolment With Simplify-ID

The National Identity Management Commission (“NIMC“) regulates national identity in Nigeria. All Nigerian citizens at home and abroad are now required to obtain a National Identification Number (“NIN”) which will be used for identity verification henceforth.

NIMC has granted Simplify-ID the license to provide data capture and NIN enrolment services to Nigerian citizens in diaspora. The license covers Nigerian residents in Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America and certain African countries.

Simplify-ID is an identity verification company, designed and developed by Simplify International Synergy Limited. The company’s headquarters is conveniently located in the renowned West End of London, a few minutes (8 minutes) walk from the Nigerian High Commission in London.

From June, Nigerians in London will be able to easily register for their NIN enrolment through Simplify-ID.

Why Is The NIN Important?

All citizens of Nigeria (residing in Nigeria and in the diaspora), from age zero (birth) and above are eligible to enrol for their NIN. The NIN is used to match an individual with his/her biometric data and other details in the National Identity Database and is the only document permissible by the laws of Nigeria for the identification of a Nigerian.

It is the chosen identity token required before services are provided by Government Agencies abroad, including consular services provided by Nigerian Embassies and Missions abroad.

The NIN enrolment is now mandatory for all Nigerian citizens and is required for:

1. The issuance and renewal of the Nigerian International Passport
2. Opening, activation and operation of a Nigerian bank account
3. Obtaining a voter’s card
4. Activating a mobile SIM card in Nigeria
5. Applying or renewing a driver’s license, and other transactions as may be prescribed by the NIMC and the Federal Government sporadically.

The great news is that all Nigerians in London can now conveniently register for the NIN enrolment through Simplify-ID.

Businessman using fingerprint indentification to access personal financial data. Idea for E-kyc (electronic know your customer), biometrics security, innovation technology against digital cyber crime
Simplify-ID NIN enrolment for Nigerians in London

How Do You Register For The NIN?

The four (4) stages in the NIN enrolment process via the Simplify-ID platform are:

  1. Pre Enrol – Complete the NIMC Pre Enrolment Form.
  2.  Schedule Appointment – Book an appointment on the platform for your NIN
    enrolment. Complete the relevant details and select your desired appointment date
    and time.
  3. Make Payment – Your appointment is booked and confirmed after payment has been
    successfully made online.
  4. Get Enrolled – Show up at the NIN enrolment centre on your appointment day, 15
    minutes to your appointment time with the required supporting documentation for
    biometrics capture and get enrolled. Come along with the original hardcopy of any
    one of the documents specified below:
    a. Nigerian International Passport (Valid or Expired)
    b. Attestation Letter from Nigerian Embassy/Mission in your country of residence
    c. Nigerian Birth Certificate (For minors under 16 years of age)

What Next?

If there is no issue with your registration at the completion of the NIN enrolment process, the enrolment officer will issue two slips to you – A Transaction Slip and a NIN Slip.

The Transaction Slip indicates a successful enrolment and the NIN Slip contains the 11 digit NIN, used for establishing and verifying your identity in all required transactions.

Simplify-ID is a product of Simplify Synergy. Simplify Synergy provides solutions individuals, businesses and government agencies for remittance, identity verification, company dashboards and B2C payment.

To find out more about Simplify Synergy products, please visit the product page.

Join the waitlist for the NIN registration by clicking on this link

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