We are Simplify Synergy

We are redefining ease in everyday financial transactions and identity management for individuals, enterprise and small businesses, and governments globally.

  • Simplifying complexities in Fintech solutions and services.
  • Leveraging internal and external strategic resources and partnerships for excellence.
  • Focused on our niche areas yet dynamic and multifaceted in our value delivery.
  • Impacting local and foreign individuals, businesses, and governments.

Our Values

In our pursuit of competitive excellence, we are guided by core values that influence and embody us.

We maintain a high standard of professional ethics and honesty in all aspects of our business engagement with clients, international partners, suppliers, employees, government agencies, and the society in general. This is buttressed by the fact that we adhere to international standards in the development, procurement, distribution and supply of our products and services.


To simplify the technology of finance for easier use, accessibility, and business growth.


Our commitment is to make financial transactions simple, convenient, reliable and value-adding, as we work towards economic and societal development by providing financial technology that is quality, safe, secure, and easy to use for individuals, businesses, and governments.

Our Journey

The Team

Seasoned Leadership

We are led by a team of passionate ethical experts with several decades of deep and wide industry knowledge and hands-on experience in technology, product management, financial management and user experience, delivering top-notch solutions in a world class and flexible work environment.

Exemplary Standards

Holding ourselves by the highest standards, we are a diverse and inclusive community driven by a common goal to simplify technology for our clients by building and delivering ground-breaking, innovative, and scalable software solutions and services.

Collaborative Excellence

Kitted with the necessary tools to thrive in our daily delivery, we harness our individual strengths and expertise to collectively build solutions that are user-centric and support the business growth of our clients, home and abroad.

Inclusive Diversity

Deliberate about our people, our team is a gender balanced mix of professionals across multiple disciplines operating in various cities around the world full time, remote and hybrid.


We are a group of vibrant and passionate youths motivated to make a difference. Wish to join our team? View open roles below.

Open Roles

UI Designer

Application Deadline : 4th June 2024

Customer Service Representative

Application Deadline : 4th June 2024